Composite Plunge Pools

Backyard Luxury with
Modern Innovation

Innovative graphene-infused technology that is 200 times stronger than steel, while being 30% lighter. No need to sacrifice quality when opting for a light-weight alternative to concrete

The Nantucket

Slim Design Perfect For Narrow Spaces


The Vineyard

Full Benefits Without Sacrificing Space

Quantum: vineyard plunge pool

The Cape

The Largest Of Our Pools

Quantum the cape

Next Level Indulgence

Graphene Nano-Tech is a revolutionary process infusing graphene into every Quantum pool. Graphene is the strongest material known to man and we have incorporated this nano-material to create our strongest pool ever built. With high-performing flexural strength, the pool is lighter, stronger and built like no other pool before. This ground-breaking, patent-pending manufacturing process is the next generation of pool technology.

Get the therapeutic benefits of swimming and soaking while maintaining eco-friendly pool temperature and operation. Upgrade your backyard oasis with cutting-edge style, longevity, and efficiency with our Plunge Pool Concepts modern innovation of a Quantum Composite Plunge Pool.

Color Options

Patented superior fade-resistant technology available in three stunning color profiles.


Why Choose A Quantum Pool

30% Stronger

30% Stronger

Graphene is over 200 times stronger than steel, giving you our strongest pool ever. Higher flexural and impact strength.

30% Lighter

30% Lighter

Graphene is surprisingly light, giving our pools exceptional strength without added weight. Lighter for transport and crane lifts.

Higher UV Resistance

Higher Resistance

A Graphene Nano-Tech coating has a higher resistance to water and chemicals and improved corrosion barrier

Customizable Colors


Customizable color options allow individuals to tailor their experiences to their personal preferences.

Quantum Composite FAQ's

Everything You Need To Now About The Quantum Composite Line of Plunge Pools

Three sizes (id)

8’2’’ x 13’1’’ NANTUCKET

9’2’’ x 16’ 5’’ VINEYARD

9’2’’ x 9’8’’ CAPE

This material is 200x stronger than steel! When opting for a quantum composite pool, you do not need to sacrifice durability for a lighter weight alternative. 

Three Patented ColorGuard Options that come with a protective layering against UV. Light medium dark, platinum, horizon, moonlight

Nope, each pool has a slight slope to it, allowing for a deeper end. The longer the pool, the deeper it can get. Our Cape model goes from 3’5 to 5’4 while the Nantucket goes from 3’7 to 4’10!