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Plunge Plus Is Our Premium Line of Custom Precast Pools

Composite Material, Graphene infused, exceptional strength without added weight

Hot Tubs & Cold Spas that fit into your backyard & more!


Why Plunge?

Plunge Pool Concepts is redefining the way you enjoy your outdoor space one plunge pool at a time. With our growing portfolio of plunge pool brands, there is a guaranteed fit for every need and aesthetic. Whether you have a tricky backyard that requires a smaller footprint, or are simply looking to add an eye-catching centerpiece to your outdoor space, Plunge Pool Concepts has what you are looking for.

Plunge Pool Concepts is more than just a pool, it is an experience. From start to finish, our network of Authorized Dealers is fully trained to bring your backyard dreams to life. The new way to pool encompasses our mission to develop innovative products that open up a wide range of options for those who thought pool ownership was not a possibility.



Constructed with high-quality materials and reinforced design, our pools are able to withstand the test of time.

Faster Install

Faster Install

Total construction time is measured in weeks not months. Once permitted, install can take only days.



Each of our brands is designed to provide you with optimal options to make the backyard of your dreams a reality.

Less Maintenance

Less Maintenance

Smaller pool means less chemicals, less maintenance and more time for enjoyment.


Everything You Need To Now

A plunge pool is a swimming pool with a smaller footprint, also known as a cocktail or garden pool. These pools are perfect for smaller backyards and can better maneuver tricky backyards. Their smaller footprint makes maintenance cheaper and less work. Many opt for a plunge pool over a traditional pool for lounging. 

Our Plunge Pools are manufactured in a controlled environment, and then shipped by truck to your yard and craned into place. 

The biggest differentiating factors between plunge pools and traditional pools are the timeline, installation process, and size. Because these pools are manufactured prior to arriving in your backyard, installation time is much shorter than with your typical pool. Depending on the availability of your subcontractors, you can be swimming in weeks! Plunge pools are also much smaller in size, making them perfect for smaller or trickier backyards.

Our pools are sold through a nationwide network of Authorized Dealers. This allows for a smoother process from start to finish with a turn-key installation. Find an Authorized Dealer near you to get the backyard of your dreams!

Plunge Pool Concepts (PPC) is developed by pool industry experts. We consult with leaders in precast industry to ensure using best and proper installation methods. PPC holds 2 utility patents on the design and the owners of PPC are well connected in the pool industry and are members of the Hayward Builder Council


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What Our Customers Say

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“The Plunge Pool was the perfect solution for our smaller backyard and we love the fact that we can use it as both a hot tub and a pool.”

Marissa B. Plunge Pool Concepts Customer

“We LOVE our new Plunge+ pool that Easton Pool and Spa did for us. From design help, placement, size and style – it is perfect for our family.”

Christine M. Plunge Pool Concepts Customer