Why Plunge +? Why Choose a Semi-Inground Pool?

The allure of having a swimming pool in your backyard is undeniable. It provides a refreshing oasis for relaxation, entertainment, and exercise. However, only some have the space or budget for a traditional inground pool. This is where the concept of a plunge pool and semi-inground pool comes into play.

Combining the best features of above-ground and inground pools, a semi-inground pool offers an excellent solution that appeals to many homeowners.

Here we explore why Plunge and why a semi-inground pool is a fantastic choice.



Let us start with the semi-inground pool’s versatility. Unlike traditional inground pools requiring significant excavation and construction, semi-inground pools can be installed partially or entirely above the ground. This flexibility allows homeowners to adapt their pool to the layout of their backyard.

A semi-inground pool can be customized to fit seamlessly into the landscape, whether you have a small backyard, a sloping yard, or obstacles like trees or rocks. This adaptability makes it a popular choice for homeowners with challenging terrains.


Cost Effectiveness

Traditional inground pools can be a substantial investment due to excavation, construction, and additional features like decking and landscaping. Semi-inground pools offer a more budget-friendly alternative while still providing the benefits of a traditional pool.

The reduced construction requirements mean lower labor and material costs, making it an attractive option for those on a tighter budget. By choosing a semi-inground pool, homeowners can enjoy the luxury of a pool without depleting their pocketbooks.


Quicker Installation Time

Because of the more extensive permitting, excavation, and construction, many traditional pools can take several months to install; Plunge semi-inground pools take considerably less time.


Less Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to owning a pool, and the semi-inground variety also excels. Because the pool is partially in and above the ground, it is generally easier to access for cleaning and maintenance. This accessibility simplifies tasks such as skimming debris, checking water chemistry, and maintaining pool equipment.

Additionally, the above-ground portion of the pool allows for better drainage, reducing the risk of water damage and improving water circulation.

These factors contribute to lower maintenance costs and efforts, giving homeowners more time to enjoy their pool rather than constantly tending to it.



For those concerned about safety, semi-inground pools offer certain advantages over their inground and above-ground counterparts. While both of these pool types typically are flush with the surrounding decking, making it easier for children and pets to fall in accidentally, semi-inground pools have a 2 to 3-foot raised wall, which prevents a slip and fall.

This feature provides an additional layer of safety, as the pool wall acts as a barrier, making it more difficult for unauthorized access and providing peace of mind for parents and pet owners. Furthermore, homeowners can enhance safety measures and create a controlled environment by customizing the pool’s surroundings with decking or fencing.



Why Plunge? 7 Reasons To Choose a Semi-Inground Pool

Finally, aesthetics play a crucial role in the appeal of a semi-inground pool. But things get tricky here because not all semi-inground pool installers are the same. Therefore, you must do your homework to choose the right semi-inground pool type and the best installer. When selecting the best one with various design options, homeowners can create a visually stunning outdoor space that seamlessly integrates the pool with the rest of the landscape.

The company’s versatility of its semi-inground pools can allow for adding features such as waterfalls, lighting, and attractive tile, coping and decking materials. By incorporating these elements, a semi-inground pool can transform a regular backyard into a luxurious retreat that enhances the overall aesthetics and value of the property.

Earlier, we mentioned versatility; when combined with the right aesthetics, it’s a perfect match. So, let us expand a bit more about an additional feature that most semi-inground pool builders do not offer.


Integrating a Hot Tub

Are you aware you can have a semi-inground pool installed with a separate section for a hot tub and hydrotherapy jets too? Yes, you can, when working with Plunge +.

We would love to discuss our Plunge + pools built semi-inground with you if you are interested. They are pre-cast with a 6″ steel-reinforced concrete shell with a Renolit® reinforced interior for superior water tightness and durability.

We have various size models to fit small spaces, sloping yards and low budgets. The Nantucket is 7″x13′; the Vinyard is 9’x16′; the Cape is 9’x21′, and for those interested in a plunge pool with a hot tub, we have the Cape+, which is 9’x21′.


So, Why Plunge + and Why Choose Our Semi-Inground Pool Option

With all of the excellent options we can offer you for your new Plunge + semi-inground pool, you must give us a call to learn more. In addition, if you want a semi-inground Plunge + hot tub without the swimming area, we can do that as well.

We are updating our website, so you may not see all the information you want on our Plunge + hot tubs page. Therefore, contact us or come back soon. We would love to discuss our Plunge + semi-inground hot tubs with you.

As of Nov 2023, we have changed our company name to Plunge Pool Concepts. However, we still offer our Plunge + line of pools in addition to Quantum Composite and Plunge Wellness pools. We provide a full line of plunge pools nationwide.