Dark vs. Light Interior Pool Finish for a Plunge Pool: Which is Right for You?

Plunge pools have recently gained immense popularity as a versatile addition to residential properties. These compact, stylish pools offer a refreshing escape from the summer heat and serve as a visual centerpiece in outdoor spaces.

Plunge pools are available in various sizes and colors, but one of the most crucial choices you’ll need to make is whether to opt for a plunge pool with a dark interior finish or a light interior finish.

Here’s a summary of the significant distinctions between dark vs. light interior plunge pool finishes to assist you in determining which one suits your lifestyle and backyard best.

Dark vs. Light Interior


Dark Pool Finish

A dark finish in a plunge pool features a deep, opulent, and dramatic vibe. This dark hue is trendy in modern and contemporary backyard designs and landscapes.

Aesthetic Appeal

The primary aesthetic appeal of a plunge pool with a dark interior finish is its ability to evoke an elegant appearance. In addition, the dark interior color creates an illusion of greater depth. As the dark color obscures the bottom, it appears as if the water fades into an abyss or extends on forever, creating a natural and relaxing Zen-like setting.

Overall, the dark color provides beautiful, sophisticated aesthetics that are popular in today’s luxury pool designs.


The dark color helps the interior of the pool maintain temperature. Absorbing heat can make the water slightly warmer, extending pool seasons in colder climates.


A dark interior finish also better disguises dirt and debris that settles on the pool floor. The dark color hides small particles and leaves that drift to the bottom, making maintenance less demanding.


Light Pool Finishes

Conversely, plunge pools with light-colored interior finish uniquely appeal with their traditional and timeless backyard pool style.

Aesthetic Appeal

Plunge pools with the light color mirror the sunlight, producing a crisp, radiant appearance that radiates an open, revitalizing, and inviting ambiance, showcasing the water.

Furthermore, light color allows you to showcase your backyard landscaping. The light color contrasts nicely with the green grass, trees, and plants surrounding the pool, as dark bottom pools tend to blend in more with the landscaping.

Light pool finishes also allow you to see the bottom of the pool easier. This can provide safety, letting you always know the depth.


The lighter color reflects sunlight and heat rather than absorbing them, which can be highly advantageous and beneficial in hot climates as it helps prevent the water from becoming uncomfortably warm.


A light pool finish makes maintenance easier since dirt and debris are visible. You’ll be able to see when it’s time for a quick vacuum. The light color shows algae quickly, signaling when to shock the pool.


Dark vs. Light Interior Finish for a Plunge Pool: Making the Right Choice

Choosing between a dark or light interior finish for a plunge pool ultimately depends on your style and the ambiance you want to create in your outdoor space. Consider the climate in your area, your preferred design, and the overall aesthetics of your home and landscaping.


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