School’s out or soon to be, which means bathing suits are in. One problem: You still need to set up a backyard pool for the family.

Research shows that more than 17% of Americans ages 18 to 29 own hot tubs, pools, or spas. Are you one?

Fortunately, you can be while enjoying the excellent benefits of having a pool this summer with mighty fast installation. So, how does this happen? Through Plunge +

Let’s dive into getting a pool with mighty fast installation.

Pools With Mighty Fast Installation

Installing concrete pools typically takes between three and six months. However, you can expect a faster installation process when you consider using Plunge +.

We offer the most customizable, biggest precast plunge pools worldwide using a patented process.

Our modular construction process trims our pool installation time. In addition, we can install your pool while disrupting your yard as little as possible. This means you can enjoy your new backyard pool sooner than you may have thought was possible.

At Plunge +, we offer four quick-to-install pool options: The Nantucket, Vineyard, Cape, and Cape+. So let us start by examining each residential pool option in detail.

The Nantucket


Pools with mighty fast installation, the Nantucket Plunge+ Pool

This plunge pool, which spans 7 feet by 13 feet, is a popular option because it offers everything you may be looking for in your pool despite its small size.

The compact size of this Plunge+ pool makes it an excellent choice for backyards with limited space. You can even turn the pool into a home hot tub later.

The Nantucket comes with a six-inch concrete shell. The shell is steel-reinforced. It also comes with a PVC-reinforced interior.

Other components that come with standard installation include a surface skimmer, an LED light, a cartridge filter, and a super pump. We also offer a stainless steel pool handrail, salt system, and maintenance equipment with standard pool installation.

In addition, we will perform all of your site work and excavation for you. The excavation usually takes at most eight hours.

The Vineyard


Swimming Pools With Mighty Fast Installation, Vineyard, Plunge+

This is another popular Plunge+ pool option if you’re looking for a quick install but want a bigger pool for family members and friends during your next summer barbecue.

The Vineyard is 9 feet by 16 feet. Named after Massachusetts summer vacation spot Martha’s Vineyard, the pool was designed to appeal to a broad range of people.

This pool’s size offers plenty of space for swimmers. However, it will only sacrifice a little of your backyard’s space. It’s also smaller than a large pool, so maintaining it will require less time and cost.

This pool’s standard installation comes with the same components mentioned above for The Nantucket.

The Cape 


Swimming Pools With Mighty Fast Installation, Cape Pool, Plunge_+

Cape Cod, another popular New England vacation destination, inspired our 
Cape Pool.

At 9 feet by 21 feet, this pool is our largest pool. It is also the biggest precast plunge option in the market today.

We’ll install the same components we establish with The Cape with our Nantucket and Vineyard options. Likewise, we’ll do the same site work we perform with the other two pool choices.

The Cape+


Swimming Pools With Mighty Fast Installation Cape+, Plunge+

Finally, this 9-foot by 21-foot pool may be the perfect option if you like the idea of The Cape but also want to add a hot tub to your yard.

The Cape+ has everything the Cape has, except it has a separate section to turn into your home hot tub. This hot tub will heat up in less than 30 minutes.

With our Cape+ standard pool installation, we’ll give you the components and do the excavation work associated with our three other pool options. But remember, as we mention standard pool installation, we mean it’s a mighty fast installation too.

Upgrade Options

Our Nantucket, Vineyard, Cape, and Cape+ pool choices can also be upgraded.

For instance, you may choose a textured plaster pool interior resembling pebbles or tile. We also offer a gas pool heater and wireless controls for your convenience.

Additional upgrades include an automatic cover and a safety cover for the winter.

You can add a tanning ledge to our Cape model as well. You can use this bench, which sits in a foot of water, for tanning or seating. It’s an ideal place to sip your favorite cocktail, chat with a family member or friend, read a book, or relax.

If you would like to add a swim tether to your pool, we can do that, too.

Swim tethers can help build resistance for those swimming in a small or medium-sized pool. They allow swimmers to remain in place when swimming, so you can use them while swimming, sprinting, or keeping pace. You can also use tethers to correct your swimming technique.

Another upgrade choice is hydrotherapy jets. Hydrotherapy can help relieve pain, including muscle pain. These jets may also help reduce stiffness, swelling, bruising, and menstrual pain.

Why Invest in a Plunge + Pool?

As we mentioned earlier, a Plunge + pool is quick to install. So if you’re planning a big backyard barbecue, birthday party or other special event this summer, let us discuss how we can make this mighty fast installation happen.

Remember, our Plunge + pools can perfectly integrate into your backyard space. It instantly makes your outdoor space look sleeker and complements your landscape. And, of course, we must remember the fun times building unforgettable memories poolside.

But what about the health benefits of swimming? Swimming is a low-impact activity that benefits one physically and mentally. It provides an all-over body workout, tones muscles, and builds endurance and strength, making it excellent for cardiovascular fitness. In addition, it can keep your heart rate up, which will help your heart and lungs.

Get Help With Pool Installation at Plunge +

If you’re pressed for time, having a smaller backyard pool size, like The Nantucket or The Vineyard, might be the best option for you this summer. If you want a larger pool, our Cape and Cape+ are bigger pools with mighty fast installation as well.

At Plunge +, we offer high-quality pools and fast installation services. As a result, you can expect our products to stand the test of time. In addition, all of our pools come with a 10-year watertight pool guarantee.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our pools with mighty fast installation, and let’s begin your project today!