Swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities in the country. And it’s a good bet that your swimming pool is one of the most popular places in your neighborhood. With Memorial Day approaching, now is the time to prepare your pool for safety and fun and make your home the “place to be.”

Summer-ize your Pool

Prepare for Memorial Day by opening your pool at least two weeks before the party. This gives you time to ensure the equipment is working and the chemicals are adjusted for sparkling, beautiful water. We recommend hiring a professional if you haven’t opened your pool yet. Many people open their own pools and let the experts close it up in the fall, but we find that if you let a professional open it, you’ll be swimming faster and in a cleaner pool. Professionals know exactly what chemicals to add and when. They will adequately remove your cover, insert ladders and return jets and check pumps, hoses and filters to ensure everything is working optimally. If you have a heater, now is the time to ensure it works. It’s not July yet … no one wants to jump into 70-degree water, even on a sunny day.

Add Ooomph with Flowers and Lighting

So the pool is ready, and the party is a few days away, and suddenly you realize that your patio is bare other than tables and chairs. You can quickly add beauty and ambiance by investing in a few containers of flowers and some lighting. Here are a few tricks that are simple and budget-friendly:

  • Buy hanging baskets of petunias, begonias, or other colorful annuals and a bag of potting soil. Use wire cutters to clip off the wire hangers, lift the entire plant out of the basket, and replant in containers around your pool. It’s helpful to ask the nursery for extra plastic for your car and then put that plastic under your container. This makes cleanup of spilled potting soil quick and easy.
  • Use flameless candles placed in lanterns for soft lighting. Adorn tables and steps and even cluster them for added effect.
  • If you have an umbrella, affix string lights to extend the party into the evening with whimsy.

Be Proactive with Safety

Once the pool is open, you’re ready for the party. Absolutely … as long as you have a safety plan in place. It’s a great idea to sit together as a family and discuss the Dos and Don’ts of enjoying your pool. In addition to pool rules for parties, your children must know your expectations for them and their friends.

Essential thoughts to consider:

  • Never, under any circumstances, swim alone, regardless of your age
  • Always keep a phone near the pool in case of emergencies
  • Know how to recognize and help a swimmer in distress
  • Learn CPR
  • Kids should be supervised at all times
  • If you’re hosting a party, consider hiring a lifeguard or at least assign a water watcher – an adult who agrees to supervise everyone in the water actively. Sadly, children have drowned in pools when surrounded by adults who all thought someone else was keeping an eye on the kids.
  • Guests must ensure their children know how to swim if they attend your party.
  • Drinks should be in plastic or cans … no glass or glass bottles
  • All guests need to understand the depth of the pool and if diving is allowed

Ready, Set, Enjoy!

You’ve worked hard to ensure your party will be the talk of the season. Once the first guest arrives, relax. You’ve done everything possible to set the stage for an unforgettable Memorial Day. It’s your turn to mingle, fill drinks and enjoy. You deserve to enjoy it as much as your guests.