Small Pool Ideas for Small Yards

Did you know owning a backyard pool can improve physical and mental health?

According to the CDC, in-water exercise can reduce your risk of chronic illness, boost your mood, and build healthy bones. And, with today’s stylish small pool ideas for small yards, creating a functional and attractive inground swimming pool is possible no matter how much square footage you’re working with.

You are in the right place if that last line caught your attention. Please continue to read to discover eight stylish small pool ideas for small yards, as they are perfect for pint-sized backyards! You’ll also get to know the industry experts at Plunge+, developers of the largest, most customizable precast plunge pool on the market.

Add a Tanning Ledge

Sometimes referred to as a Baja Shelf, this added bench is ideal for far more than just tanning. It adds a comfortable option for seating and creates space for stationary pool enjoyment, like reading a book, chatting with a friend, or sipping a cocktail.

Because tanning ledges sit in just twelve inches of water, they’re also a perfect place for younger swimmers and small pets to spend supervised time in the water. And, depending on your pool’s shape and size, you can fit a sun lounger in – an ideal approach for sun worshipers.

Jets for Stationary Lap Swimming

Swimming laps are fantastic exercise that can burn between 400 and 900 calories per hour, depending on your stroke. And you don’t have to build a full-sized lap pool to get your workout in!

Powerful jets and swim tethers make it possible to swim in place for as long as you want, even in a small plunge pool. Then, when you’re ready to relax, switch the directional water stream off and enjoy a cool-down without changing locations.

Adding a bit of current is also a great way to build resistance if you enjoy water aerobics or other aquatic forms of exercise.

Opt for a Convertible Hot Tub

Do you need somewhere to soak sore muscles and aching bones? One of the best parts of building a small backyard pool is instantly transforming it into a spa, using a built-in heater and jets. This creates a liveable space that you can enjoy all year long and gives you somewhere to rest and relax after an in-water workout.

Best of all, heating will take only a short time or break the bank because your pool holds a small amount of water. Check out this excellent example from Mashpee, MA, for more inspiration!

Dress Up Your Space 

To make any of these backyard pool ideas pop, you’ll need to focus on your yard. This includes selecting your pool’s decking and coping, adding furniture, and putting in some finishing touches, like a shade structure, a fire feature, or something over the top, like an outdoor bar or kitchen.

Your landscaping should also include plenty of living plants. This can keep your yard cooler and create a more inviting space for outdoor relaxation, even if it’s just the addition of a few planter boxes!

Get Creative With Color


8 Stylish Small Pool Ideas for Small Yards

Small spaces don’t have to be boring or basic. Working with less square footage can make it easier to select bold and exciting swimming pool designs that incorporate colors and textures meant to draw the eye in.

Consider getting creative with your pool’s tiles or plaster color, or select a bright neon shade for your LED light. Even these small changes can significantly impact your pool’s overall look, especially when well-coordinated with outdoor furniture and decorations.

Add a Separate Spa

Some like it hot – but only some people using your pool will be in the mood for a steaming soak! On the other hand, upgrading your plunge pool by adding a separate spa might be worthwhile if you’re planning on entertaining or having guests over often.

In addition to creating a multi-use space, this can also reduce monthly spending, as you’ll be heating a much smaller volume of water. And some models will heat to spa temperatures in just 30 minutes!

Have a look at the highly customizable Cape+ pool for an excellent example. And while taking a look, be sure to check out a few other stylish small pool ideas for small yards.


Boost Health Benefits With Hydrotherapy Jets

Hydrotherapy jets in spas are used to massage and target specific body parts like the shoulders, neck, and back. But they can be placed nearly anywhere in a pool to soothe soreness and stiffness wherever you need them – no heat required.

These fittings blend air and water to create a powerful and adjustable stream. Users can usually place these jets on a timer or adjust them manually throughout their pool or spa experience.

Add a Water Feature


8 Stylish Small Pool Ideas for Small Yards, water features

If you’re hoping to elevate your pool’s look and appearance, there’s no better way than adding the soothing sound of running water. Whether it’s a small waterfall, a rock cascade, or a fountain, you can’t go wrong with a water feature!

Water features can create an additional massaging effect if they have enough pressure. Or, they can be built into benches and other surfaces, adding more comfortable seating to your pool’s perimeter.

Do you want a fountain running 24/7? No worries! Most models can be turned on and off manually or on a timer, allowing you to decide when to add extra ambiance to your swimming experience.

Plunge+ Specializes in Small Pools

With these stylish small pool ideas for small yards in mind, you’re ready to turn the tranquil private oasis of your dreams into a reality, no matter how much (or little) space you’re working with! And, with a Plunge+ customizable precast plunge pool, you can expect a reduced budget and installation time.

Contact us or call 508-219-5844 today to learn more about our stylish small pool ideas for small yards. Our team of experts is standing by and happy to help with everything from small swimming pool design ideas to custom options, construction timelines, and more!